Are you DONE with feeling stuck? 


So many women I have talked to recently feel stuck and unable to uplevel. They are yearning for clarity about their entrepreneurial path, craving conformation that they are even on the right path.

Here's the thing: You already are doing everything you know how to do.  

And... it's all keeping you up at night. Those 3 ams wide awake, staring at the ceiling, fear that comes from thinking that there is no solution.  

Then there is that “What is wrong with me?” feeling that starts to seap in to your everyday. Why can't I make this work? 

You've done all the mindset work you know to do, tried the courses and productivity tips and still can’t get that breakthrough!  

You may think you have tried everything, 


Together, through a guided meditaion process, we go in and open you up to that place where you can see what possibilities are available to you again. We get you to a place where you can hear that part of you that KNOWS the answers.


However, what that is really keeps alluding you. The more you try to figure it out, the more confusing it gets!

You are spending days stuck in your head mulling over options and ideas with no real progress.

The thing is, it really is easy to figure out and you already know deep inside!

You just don’t have access to the answers.


I have helped scores of women with just this aching frustration and I can help you as well!  

I have created a process that helps women like you release the energetic blocks deep within that ultimately gets you closer to communicating to your high purpose. And you know what is really great about this process? You don’t have to actually understand or even identify what is really going on deep inside in order to start seeing results.  

It is your turn to feel empowered, clear and full of that peace and surety of knowing you are on the right path, deep in your soul.  

It is time to get rid of that visceral pain in your heart that won’t go away, that huge disconnect with your heart that feeds that “What is wrong with me?” feeling.



 • A level of peace and contentment you haven’t felt in a while.

• A deeper connection to that part of you that knows the answers.

• (If you choose to), journal pages full of direction, clarity, and answers from that deepest part of you.

• Doing what you love full of confidence and that knowingness that you are on the right path.

• A release of your inner energetic blocks, filling you with peace and giving you access to your inner wisdom.

• Getting in that place where you just “know” your answers and connect to your purpose.

• Going to a place where you are free to trust and surrender to divine guidance.

In your Aligned Soul Session, you’ll discover what has been holding you back and finally gain clarity on where your life is headed.  

You don’t need to sacrifice any more time, or live in that STUCK place anymore!


Working with Juli was a beautiful and insightful experience. 

Her gift to see color and shapes around you and explain how they relate to specific areas of your life is like having someone look within you to see your truth. The process Juli takes you through brings you peace and opens you up to new possibilities that you didn't even know were there. I highly recommend working with Juli and experiencing this for yourself.  


Prior to my session with Juli, I was not sure what to expect as I had never had this sort of coaching before. 

However having heard much incredible feedback from some of Juli's other clients, I decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did. The session it self was incredibly healing, and I literally felt my energy shift. I left feeling an intense peace, calm, and connected to my Soul's purpose that has spilled over into the work I am doing in my business. I love how Juli guided me to be able to recreate this on my own so I can maintain this connectedness and the results it brings in my life and business. Thank you Juli!  


I got so much more than I expected! 

Juli instantly saw my energy pattern and guided me through to release it. I definitely felt a release and more relaxed in all the focus areas. I learned new things about myself that were hidden away and needed to be addressed. I’ve experienced MANY energy workers/healers and Juli is the real deal! She has an amazing gift and such a helpful supportive way of helping you through colors to immediately identify and release your challenging spots. She offers spot on coaching advice as well. You need this from Juli!!  

- CINDY S.  


My ability to focus on projects has improved immensely, so I've actually been able to start the creation of one of my courses!

Juli could see the energy field/aura and described to me what she saw... and it confirmed what I had been suspecting and brought clarity to the things that I had been thinking. 



During your call, Juli will talk to you about the things in your life that are holding you back and causing you the most difficulties.  

During this discussion, Juli will, using her unique gift of synesthesia, watch for the blocks in your body creating this resistance and blocking you from connecting to that part of you that knows how everything in your life happens for you and not to you.  

After talking through everything she finds, she will then lead you through a meditative journey to clear the resistance in your body, leaving you clear to connect with that part of you that “knows” the answers.

By scheduling now, you can enjoy this introductory pricing!

 Juli is an amazing listener! 

She offers a safe and supportive meditation to help you identify and repair energy blocks to reconnect you to your higher self. She guides you to a higher place where you are free to trust and surrender to divine guidance.



Juli’s amazing coaching expertise helped me connect with the part of myself that holds all the answers for my business, health and relationships. 

There was so much power and transformation on our very first session together, as Juli puts her heart and soul in everything she does. Her vast business experience combined with her ability to empower us to be our best versions makes her an outstanding and unique coach in this field. I am so grateful for having met and worked with Juli and for the lasting transformation I got from our session.


Few people have been reported to have a unique gift called synesthesia, which is essentially the blending of senses. In Juli Gauthier's case, she is able to see color through sound and energy.  

A business and life coach, Juli has erupted onto the scene with her recent offering and service to help female entrepreneurs dramatically breakthrough what has been holding them back. Her gift has been so well received and effective, the word has spread far and wide. Her clients are from all around the world, in New Zealand, Australia, France, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Italy, and Great Britain, to name a few.

In just a few months, and with no advertising, her clients are on a waitlist having to wait often up to 2 weeks to have their session. 

Her sessions - that are scheduled in up to 90 minute time slots to make sure each person gets what they need, but are so powerful and effective they've gone as short as 25 minutes. As her client's speak, Juli is able to see colors through the vibrations and tones of her client’s voice. From there, she's able to see what is blocking people from stepping into their full potential and has kept them full of fear and playing small for years, decades, and sometimes even going back generations.

Client's have reported massive breakthroughs, moments of intense clarity to answers they've been searching for, for years. Freedom and release from physical issues, emotional turmoil, Spiritual blocks, and mindset transformations.  

Connect with your soul's purpose for this introductory price.

There's this incredibly cool new energy I have been able to tap into since my call with Juli last week!

I have been almost vibrating with energy since last Friday!! Thanks Juli! You have a very cool gift that will help so many!!  


Juli's color session was so enlightening!

This was exactly what I needed in order to move past the energetic block keeping me stuck in my business. She could see, hear and sense the weight and boxes around my chakras through the phone line, and she was spot on every time. She was able to voice my tension before I even acknowledged it, and worked me through releasing it. By the end of our session, I was floating in my spiritual bubble, and I've been able to tap back into it ever since. Juli makes the intangible tangible. It was a total game-changer.  

- LYNN H. 

Juli has the ability to quickly identify and calm the storms of life.

She is compassionate and understanding. She truly listens and has her client’s best interest at heart. Through a series of questions, she was able to see exactly what was holding me back and come up with a resolution that gave me immediate clarity and relief. Her advice was so appreciated and I still use her suggestions today.  



  Coaching with Juli has been so transformative.

She was easily able to identify blocks, both known and unknown and I was able to learn so much about myself. She also gave me easy and practical tips that I was able to recall and implement immediately. You won’t be disappointed!  


My call with Juli changed my life.

I have never felt like a spiritual person but was intensely spiritually curious and so desired to connect with that and get answers from a higher place. I learned from the call about my higher purpose and about my higher self and what that looked like. Since the call I trust myself and love myself more. I can now connect more easily with my higher state of being even though this is something I never did or understood how to do before. I feel I am on my right path since talking to Juli and the experience was completely transformational.  


You are MAGIC sister!!

Thank you for my color healing session this morning! Your gifts 🎁 are truly beautiful 🎨 🌟 I am beyond grateful!  


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