Create More Profits In Less Time 

Having my own business has always been the dream for me. I have wanted it as long as I could remember. When my husband and I finally "opened our doors", it was sooooo exciting. Every little sale was like winning the lotto! 

Then the success grew. More celebrating!!! 

BUT, I remember after the first 20K month, more success became something we would almost dread. How could we keep up the pace? 

We hired help here and there, a friend, my mom, then a woman off of Craigslist, but it never really helped that much. There was so little they could do, or even do well. The worst part was cutting their hours when all of our current clients "graduated". The money was gone and so was our business. We would have to almost start all over again with the marketing and it felt like we were actually starting the business all over again. AND with almost no funds, again. I hated having to do marketing when I felt desperate. 

This feast or famine cycle was awful! It had to change! 

Here’s the thing. I have been there. The “quality problem” we were living was that we were usually so busy we couldn’t get a day off, let alone a vacation or even a sick day. It would just costs us too much! 

We couldn't actually use the money from the awesome months because we knew we needed to save it for when we weren't bringing in the clients again. And, well, we didn't have time to do anything with it anyway.

Our relationship suffered, our health suffered, our kids were growing up without us, and friends, what friends? Maybe we finally had success in terms of money, but it wasn't reliable. The worst part was it seemed like we were back to working J.O.B.s again but without any perks or time off! 

One day it just became too much. It had been 5 years since we had taken a vacation and that had been our honeymoon! Something had to change. This isn't why we started this whole journey! We would have done almost anything to get our lives back. 

I remember so clearly deciding to make the shift. 

For me that crucial moment was standing at the daycare center and pulling out our 2 year old son. I was done with him crying because they wouldn't let him nap with his blankie. 

Our lives could be different. 

I saw other successful entrepreneurs make way more money than we were making and still have amazing, balanced lives! I was going to figure that out. 

Well, my son just turned 20, and in those 18 years, not only did we figure out how to run a upper 6 then 7 figure business with ease, but two years after I pulled him out of daycare and made that decision to create a life and business we actually loved, we took a 3 month vacation to Ecuador and then over to France, worry free. In fact, the numbers for that year were double the year before. 

 I (we) had figured it out!!! There was no going back. 

For me, the best part was not only the priority of being able to travel and have amazing experiences as a family, but we quickly ended up homeschooling our kids as well. We had the key to living an amazing life and having our business create income without it eating our lives. 

I bet you are wondering what we figured out! First, we needed a mentor. What were they doing that we weren't? Here are the big picture things I picked up on right away.  

As creative go-getters, we totally resisted systems and structure when it didn't specifically relate to our clients. 

The more successful the businesses we were looking at and the owners we were talking to, the more systems they had in place. (What? Isn't that why we left our J.O.B.s in the first place?) 

No, actually. Systems gave us freedom! 

They also had help. Everywhere! And the people they hired were amazing! 

So I figured that out too. There was a way to delegate that was easy and enjoyable. Start with everything you hate, business and personal, to allow you to do what you do best. Here is where the systems really served us! I developed leadership skills and spent time experimenting how to think like the business owners we want to be like. That’s when we really started to scale, live out our vision that we started the business for in the beginning, and live that extraordinary life we so wanted! 

And, it was easier than I thought it would be... once we put all the time in to figure it out! 

I can show you what we have figured out. I can give you your vision back, your life, and even a vacation again! 

Why me? Well, I have been there. 

I can show you what we have figured out. I can give you your vision back, your life, and even a vacation again! 

As you have heard, my husband and I have owned a thriving brick and mortar business for 25+ years. 

We went from solopreneurs to CEOs. I understand how to work on the business and not just in the business. I also have 2 online shops that I created with my kids in 2008, that runs all on its own, with maybe 5 hours a week on my part to manage. I mostly collect money, pay rent and payroll, and explore new products when I am moved to. Oh yeah, I celebrate with a fun staff that feels like family. 

There's also a ton of other stuff you'd like to hear about as well. 

I studied business and marketing in grad school (at Harvard- super cool experience!). 

I have studied coaching and business development with Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Gina DeVee and many more. 

I have double our businesses in 6-8 weeks over 8 times. 

...and in the last few years, I have been sharing the keys to what makes it all work with clients with fabulous results. 

There is so much I can offer you! 

  • You will start your day knowing exactly what will make the most impact to create the income and life you crave 
  • Recover your excitement and vision for your business and why you started this all in the beginning for anyway 
  • Planned worry free time off so you can take a day off AND make money, systems that will help you END the feast or famine cycle 
  • Stress free systems to help you hire and get work done the way you want and need it to be 
  • Training and support on how to hire an amazing team, training and support on how to interview, choose, train, and support your new team 
  • Your own personal business playbook (that will be created by your new team!) that will make it so YOU aren’t the one answering every little question 
  • The ability to plan a real work free vacation again & end the dread that comes with a successful month 
  • Excavate the rest of your life and start planning time for the other areas of your life that have gone missing while getting to this level of success 
  • Most importantly, let's get you EXCITED again about having a great month with celebrations and ways to supply the services with ease! 

So how are we going to make this happen? 

I've had the privilege of working with Juli for close to a year now and the biggest impact she's had on my life and business is clarity. When you present her with a question seriously prepare yourself for open for insightful guidance. Heed what she says with faith. She's quick, clear, and smart. Juli gets it, she's kind, and you'll be amazed at what a gift she is in your life. 

~ Maegan Watson, Founder- My Dear Watson 

Juli, hands down, is a unique and powerful resource to business owners. Every strategy session we’ve had, she's provided me with more than enough ideas, a plan to implement them, and the fire to take action. At times, I've wondered if she references a manual for business how-to that she always has readily available, but it's just who she is. 

Her experience, hot-pursuit of up-leveling, and helping people ditch their old beliefs, to break through their own ceilings, is what makes her coaching effective. But seriously, actually really effective. 

~ Sarah Foster, owner of 

Juli Gauthier gives incredible, concrete and amazing business advice. What I love about her is her ability to think out of the box and see the bigger picture of your business. 

When you are growing a business you can sometimes get stuck in a problem or how something should be done. Juli is so creative envisioning all the possibilities for your business. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have produced my extremely successful Live and Thrive Series. She's also great at handling your "mindset." 

Whenever you expand, grow and change you can tend to have a little battle with "limiting thoughts." Juli has amazing tools in her tool chest to help you move right past any type of limitations you have towards expansion. I highly recommend her. As of matter of fact, I have recommended her! 

 ~ Marilyn Alauria, Psychic Medium/Teacher/Coach 

Here is the thing... 

We made 1.4 million the same year that we took 6 weeks off AND the business not only made money, but grew while we were gone. I can help you start to put things in place to create this for you and your business as well!

What are you waiting for? 

The first five to sign up will be gifted 5 hours of help from my VA team to get you create momentum without overwhelm! 

But wait! There is more. Did you see? 

Pay in full and receive a $1000 gift from me to you! 

Think about it. How are things going to be if you don't do something different? 

Where will you be in 3 months, 6 months, a year, 5 years?

 I know we could not keep up this cycle. It was killing us and the business, literally. It put my husband in the hospital. 

We could not sustain things as they were. How about you? Is this creating the life you want? Do you still love the business you created? Take a look at your family. If you don't take action on creating the changes You know you need to make, how will keeping this up affect them? How much longer can you go without a break, or a sick day, or even a vacation? 

It is time to get on a call with me. Together, we can create more profits, less work hours, and low stress vacations again, where you can be the one sitting on a beach while your business is still bringing in an income. 

I can’t wait to start making your entrepreneurial life easier and more profitable! 

P.S. You know it is time for a change. Make the decision to get the money AND the life you wanted when you started your business! 

Just hit the button- It's TIME and let's get started! 


Q: How will I have time to do even more? I can't handle what is already on my plate! 

A: One of the first things we will do is analyze what is going on. We can quickly find you more time by making the high level business shifts you need to make to create more income in less time. This is exactly why you need to move on this program today. 

Q: I have had awful experiences hiring people. There is no point. If that is what you are planning on, well, I am not really interested in that! 

A: Wait a moment. How many successful people do you know of who have few to no people helping them? The key is how to have them HELP you, not more pressure for you. I can help you find the right people and show you how to get them productive and happy. 

Q: Do you have a payment plan? I am in one of those famine stages you were talking about! 

A: Yes, we do. This can be broken up into 4 payments. We can get you back into feast (without the overwhelm) and give you the time you need to pay for the program. 

Q: I am not at the income level you keep discussing here. Would there still be benefits for me in this program

A: If you have been consistently making sales, but experiencing the overwhelm and feast or famine cycle, this program would still be a great choice for you. The earlier you start to implement processes, finding, hiring and training help, managing your time, and learning great leadership skills, the easier growth will come. We just need something to grow! 

Q: I am a creative. I hate structure and systems. (Though I am starting to see how they might help.) Why would I want to put them in my business? 

A: I am super creative as well! I used to think any scheduling would mess with "groove". I found out, though, that scheduling things and creating systems gave me MORE time to be creative. It freed my mind and my stress levels. It also made passing on tasks significantly easier. It isn’t that bad, really! You will end up loving the fact that they exist in areas. Stop recreating the wheel all the time and focus on creating where you really want and need to!